Top 10 Favourite Makeup Brands in India

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When it comes to makeup, we as women can never get enough of just one brand. This overwhelming beauty world literally comes up with a new product each day, making it even harder for us to make a choice at the end. Owning makeup is honestly a big decision and when you haven’t done a detailed research on the brands,  your skin texture will go for a toss. Since we don’t want this to happen to you ever, here are 10 favourite makeup brands in India that you can rely on instantly and they guarantee no second guesses!

  1. MAC

The very well known brand that started its show off in the year 1984, is India’s high selling brand right now. MAC as a company is for the professionals who are willing to make their career in the makeup industry. From plethora of options ranging from primers to lipsticks to foundations, this  brand puts a perfect spin for your everyday makeup. The best part? They now have skin care products as well!. It is one of the best makeup brands in India.


  1. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal is a best selling brand in India and this French based company specialises not just in the beauty world, but also in skin care and hair care products. The brand also deals with fragrances. You can be sure of this brand once you try the Infallible range. It’s amazing and all the products glide well on the skin. This brand won’t disappoint you due to its mecca of options and the versatility it offers.


  1. Lakme

A brand that’s owned by Hindustan Unilever was founded in 1952. Prime minister Nehru had requested TATA to come up with a brand that would be helpful for women and within no time, the sales of Lakme had shoot up. Now, Lakme is also an official sponsor of Lakme Fashion Week and with its wide range of products, it’s suitable for all the Indian women. The brand is very innovative and the quality of the products is immeasurable. Their 9 to 5 range is known for its affordable range and also high lasting power! Try it out.


  1. Maybelline

Maybelline is another skin-friendly and a brand that’s very youth centric. This century old company started in New York and is now recognised across the globe. The wide range is known for mascaras and sleek compact as well. The dreamy collection is something you can definitely own without any further ado! If you are a liner fanatic, the dream gel liner and also the colossal liner are the best bets!


  1. NYX

The cosmetic brand founded by Toni ko used to be a tiny company once upon a time. But the brand kicked up its boost power and is now known as one of the most incredible makeup essential brand that comes with high quality and also creative products. NYX is now a go-to brand that leaves no box unticked. Their professional range of soft matte lip creams and also eye-makeup palette are something you will be hooked onto probably for the rest of your life.


  1. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown has entered the Indian market and we all have fallen for it already. Founded in the year 1991, this brand also has a professional range that all the makeup artists can use for uncompromising quality the brand grants. There’s a fact that they have a gel liner that’s sold every single minute. Isn’t that amazing? Besides that, the brand is also known for its brown corrector that has a creamy texture which glides right and balances the skin tone really well. The range of lip shades is also an ultimate option to own.Bobbi Brown is one of the best makeup brands in India.


  1. Colorbar

Colorbar is another leading makeup brand that was launched in 2005 and it also includes a wide array of products that are chic and innovative. The brand has won awards of being the best retailer label. If your nails have started appearing dull and you need a new shine, get manicure done with mecca of Colorbar nailpaints. The packaging of the brand is super sleek and stylish that you will want to pack them wherever you are headed. The brand is also inclusive of best matte lipsticks and primers that let your makeup stay for almost a lifetime! (Just kiddin’ but it’s really long lasting).


  1. The Body Shop

Whoever called makeup fake, didn’t know about the real brands to buy them from! The Body Shop is inspired by the nature that was founded in the year 1976. Just like the brand, if you wish to keep your skin chemically free, buying The Body Shop products will be your armour. From fragrances to impeccable foundations and bronzers, the brand says yes to rich skin and health! The best products include flawless BB cream and its lip and cheek satin.


  1. Revlon

Love makeup, but you are just beginner? Here’s your new cue. Revlon as a brand has hit the Indian market real hard with its products. The range includes makeup as well as personal care products. They have a reputation of being the trendsetters in the makeup arena. The lustrous lipsticks are worth every penny due to long lasting formula. Also, Revlon’s photoready compact has SPF 20 that adds a nice glow to the skin and will up your insta-feed in no time.

  1. Faces Canada

Faces Canada is a brand that resides in the hearts of all the makeup lovers. Priced reasonably with a guarantee of high quality, lend your attention to Faces and experience newness for your skin. The product range includes crayon lip shades and the foundations at Faces are designed for all types of skin tones. Moreover, their basic lipstick range is just apt to wear with your office outfits. Give Faces a shot right away!

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