Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

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Planning a vacation with family is a herculean task, it is important to cater to the needs of every member of family as each member of family has their own expectations to be fulfilled with the fun filled vacations. We have listed Top 10 Family Destinations in the World.

10) Canada

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Canada — Photo credit

This country is ranked highest in terms of quality of life, environment and health factors. So, Canada is well known to have many natural wonders like Niagara Falls and Sleeping Giant. One must visit the Toronto’s CN Tower which is mesmerizing.

9) Iceland

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Iceland — Photo credit

Next up is Iceland which is one of the most coldest countries in the world. It is the most sparsely populated country in Europe and has many volcanic and glacier sites. So, you must visit this country if you are found of trekking and skiing.

8) Spain

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Spain — Photo credit

Spain is wonderful country and is known to organize weird types of festivals like La Tomatina where you throw tomatoes on each other. Then there is the Running of the Bulls which is dangerous but some people enjoy it. It is one of the cleanest countries in the world. One of the coolest places to visit is Ibiza wherein you can have fun, eat and enjoy the clean water beaches.

7) Australia

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Australia — Photo credit

Australia is one of the most developed countries and is the sixth largest country in world. Canberra is the capital and if you are beach lover then this country visit is a must for you. The clean water, favourable climate conditions, amusement parks and wild life sanctuaries make Australia the prefect family destination.

6) France

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

France — Photo credit

France is one of the most visited countries by tourists and has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Eiffel Tower, Mont Saint-Michel and Louvre Museum are worth visiting. The love and affection that this country gives cannot be felt anywhere else.

5) Hong Kong & Macau

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Hong Kong & Macau — Photo credit

‘Disney land’ a name itself is enough to brighten your kids eyes. Madame tussads, Avenue of stars, Ocean park are all major attraction in this Chinese land. Heading to Macau is just an hour away which also has lot to offer with its main attraction being Macau tower to sky jump or sky walk.

4) Thailand

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Thailand — Photo credit

Thailand is a vacation on shoes string budget with lots to offer. It has various options with beaches ,night bazaars, temples and many more. Krabi a town is situated in Thailand famous for its emerald water & recreational activities like kayaking, rock climbing . Bangkok is also famous for its tourist attraction safari world, grand palace etc.

3) USA

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

USA — Photo credit

A road trip is the thought which strikes me for USA, explore as much as you can spanning its length & breadth from ‘Golden state’ California to ‘Sunshine state’ Florida, posing pictures with famous humungous Hollywood sign to chilling yourself in San Deigo or bustling on busy roads of New York.

2) Dubai

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Dubai — Photo credit

A perfect getaway for family vacation. It has plethora of fun filled activities ranging from Sega Republic an indoor attraction to desert safari on camel are memorable attraction to behold and cherish. Dubai main tourist attractions are Palm island, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa , Jumeriah Mosque and many more.

1) Singapore

Top 10 Family Destinations in the World

Singapore — Photo credit

This country is definitely on the list of top destination for family holidays, packed with warm weather, affordable price, one of the cleanest & safest countries in the world & lot of tourist attractions. Sentosa Island for adventure seekers, Jurong bird park for bird watchers and universal studio is a delight for your children. Museums & temples are also in ample to watch out for.

All these destinations ranges from marginal to exorbitant prices but worth a try for a respite and to spend more time with family. Visiting to any of these places would definitely never want you to come back.

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