Top 10 Best Tattoo Artists in the World

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The tattoo is not a modern art but it actually belongs to ancient times. You can know many facts about tattoo art in the history of the Stone Age and Bronze Age period. Similarly, the youth today has a craze for different tattoos. Tattoos are becoming more popular day by day in all the parts of the globe.

With tattoo art evolving more, the tattoo artists are also coming up with new styles of tattoos, cool designs, and trendy colors. So, we have listed out Top 10 best tattoo artists in the world.

  1. Kat Von D

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One of the most popular American and the best tattoo artists in the world, Kat Von D is also a model, musician and TV star. She rose to fame with TLC reality TV show LA Ink where she worked as a tattoo artist. Afterward, she started the business of cosmetics in the year 2008. Kat has also penned a book which contains all her tattoo work and designs.

  1. Alex Binnie

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An experienced tattoo artist from England, Alex Binnie is famous for his tribal tattoo designs. His work typically belongs to the Western culture and traditions. Alex is a graduate in Fine arts after which he became a medical artist. Later, he chose tattoo designing as his career and worked at London and Los Angeles with many great tattoo artists. Apart from being a tattoo artist, he is also a printmaker.

  1. Darren Brass

Darren Brass — Photo credit

Another American tattoo artist Darren Brass is also a well-known name in the field of tattoo making. He pursued his career as a tattoo artist from Miami. Darren Brass has a charming persona which attracts the clients. He also appeared in one of the reality TV shows Miami Ink wherein his artworks and designs are displayed.

  1. Chris Garver

Chris Garver — Photo credit Twitter

Chris Garver is one of the most famous American tattoo makers. He is a TV personality as well. He also appeared in one of the TV reality shows named Miami Ink. Chris Graver got inspiration to step into the world of painting and drawing from his mother who was an artist. Since the age of 17 years, he has been in the field of tattoo making. Chris Garver later practiced tattoo designs with full dedication and is one of the best tattoo artists in the world..

  1. Alan Oversby


Alan Oversby — Photo credit Ranker

Alan Oversby is still remembered by the people for his contribution to the world of tattoo making. He was one of the famous body piercing artists from Europe. He started his career as an art teacher. But, his passion and zeal for tattoo making finally made him a great artist. He worked with prominent personalities such as Jim Ward and Doug Malloy.

  1. Dan Smith

Dan Smith — Photo credit

Dan Smith is another popular name in the world of tattoo making. Originally from New Zealand, Dan had passion and interest for tattoo designing from the age of 6 years. Later, he shifted to Auckland for heading towards the career of tattoo making. He is also a musician and played in numerous bands. Dan Smith has also traveled to many countries to play music in concerts and music events and also to move further in tattoo making a career.

  1. Ami James

Ami James — Photo credit

The next on the list is Ami James who is again a popular American tattoo artist and business. He learned tattoos designs and art in his childhood days. He got a vast knowledge and experience of tattoo designs from his father who was a painter. He also undertook the military training as a sniper in the Israel Defense Forces. Ami James has worked with Lou. He is the co-founder of Tattoodo, an online site for taking the ideas of tattoo designs.

  1. Chris Nunez

Chris Nunez — Photo credit Tattoodo

    Having the experience as a tattoo artist of more than 26 years, Chris Nunez is a well-known TV personality. He became famous with the TV reality competition, Ink Master wherein he served as a judge. Previously, he appeared as a tattoo artist on TLC’s reality TV show Miami Ink. Chris Nunez is one of the best tattoo artists in the world.

  1. Joey Pang

Joey Pang — Photo credit

A popular female tattoo artist, Joey pang is next on the list. She has mastery of brush-stroke techniques. Her works clearly display the bold use of colors and layering techniques. Apart from tattoo designing, Joey Pang has learned graphic designing, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy and Japanese art. Many channels have showcased her artworks.

  1. Thomas Pendelton

Thomas Pendelton — Photo credit WikiListia

The last on the list is Thomas Pendelton who is an American tattoo artist. He appeared as a tattoo artist on the TV show Inked. He had a love for tattoo making since his school time. Thomas also has his own clothing line.

These are the world’s best tattoo artists. Their hard work, passion, and zeal took them where they are now. The art has no limits, boundaries or confinement and they proved to the world that the dream can come true if you have a passion for them.

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