Top 10 Best Camera Apps For Android

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Life is a beautiful image which we need to capture in the camera. Selfies are the way to show your charming personality in the world. Gone are the days when we had to put the rolls in the camera for taking photos of beautiful moments. Now, the camera is handy on your Android smartphones with fantastic editing features and special effects.

When you visit Google Play Store, you will see there are numberless camera apps which offer facial features and beautiful effects for making your selfies more elegant. However, if you want the best camera apps for Android devices then we have listed Top 10 Best Camera Apps For Android.

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  • Cymera

The first on the list of 10 Best Camera Apps For Android is Cymera. With features such as photo filters, mirror effect, tattoo and photo effects, this app provides a lot more. You can shape your face and add makeup as you like. There are also skin features by which you can remove the dark spots and pimples for good selfies. You can also add Text and MEMES to your images.


  • Candy Camera

With more than 1,000,000 users, this app is slowly taking a position in the race of good camera apps. It comes with many beauty functions such as blush eyeliner, concealer, slimming and eyeliner. One of the unique features in this camera app is that it has silent mode so that you can take selfies without any noise. Use sticker for making selfies more amazing.


  • Camera FV-5

You can now have the experience similar to that DLSR with all new Camera FV-5 app. It is specially designed for professional photographers. It has similar manual controls which are in the DLSR camera. There are 7 frames for giving proper space in the pictures. The app also includes a digital zoom for big sized images. You can also take nice photos at night.


  • Z Camera

With numerous AR stickers, Z camera is one of the most beautiful camera apps for your Android devices. There are many collage templates in which you can put your memorable images. You can add makeup and 3D tattoo effects to your images for making them more professional. There is also a Z Moments community where you can share the images.


  • Footej Camera

The next camera app on the list is Footej camera. It has a simple user-interface for taking and editing selfies. It comes with burst mode. You can also make animated GIFs to share with friends on special occasions such as festivals, birthdays and anniversaries. The app comes with manual ISO and shutter speed control. Footej camera provides superior quality images to share on social media sites.


  • Camera 360

Camera 360 is a good camera app for adding makeup and stickers to your selfies. There are also motion stickers which you can add to the selfies for making them more real and amazing. You can edit your facial features such as making the nose thin and whitening the teeth. You can also remove the dark spots and pimples from the face.


  • Open Camera

Open Camera is one of the latest camera apps for Android devices. You can take the images with different backgrounds. There are many color effects and scene modes in this camera app which make your images cooler. It comes with features such as face detection, antibanding, and ISO. You can also crop the photos in your style. It is available for free of charge on Google Play Store.


  • Camera MX

More than 20,000,000 Android users have already downloaded Camera MX app on their Android devices and it is one of the Best Camera Apps For Android. It comes with various camera resolutions for different types of selfies. You can also turn off the shutter sound while taking the pictures. There are a pencil and sketch drawing effects which you can add to your images for making them look real.


  • A Better Camera

A Better Camera is another beautiful camera app for Android devices. It comes with HDR which helps to take more professional photos. There are various other features in this app such as night mode, photo time lapse, video recording, timer and much more. The multi-shot feature will eliminate unwanted objects from the images.

  • Google Camera

The last one the list is Google Camera. You can take the images in 360 degrees with the help of spherical mode. The user interface is quite simple and you can also add out-of-focus effect for SLR images. The panoramic image mode will give the full images of the place.

Download these Best Camera Apps For Android on your devices and get the professional photos with lots of effects, stickers, and animations. The moments spent with friends, relatives, and colleagues are always special and you should preserve them in a beautiful way. There are different mobile apps that are created for betterment of users. Cherish your memories with these camera apps.

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