9 Natural Remedies To Cure Dark Upper Lips

Dark upper lips can look shabby and if only some parts are tan and the rest are bright, then it can look even worse. There are many beauty products that will prove helpful, but what about those home remedies that might be slow, but a safest bet to get a cure. Here we are going to help you in cost cutting by letting you choose natural remedies to cure dark upper lips.

The symptoms of this are suntan, smoking, waxing often etc. It can also happen due to hormonal imbalance.

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1. Sugar lip scrub

Sugar is a natural exfoliator of the skin and it can cure any pigmentation caused on the upper lip. Whereas lemon juice is a bleaching agent that reduces the dark tone.

How to use:
a. Cut lemon into slices and add sugar to it. Now rub the slice on the upper part and use this like a scrub. If you are not satisfied with the process you can also use a brush to do so. Follow this for 5 minutes.
b. Repeat the process daily to see best results.

2. Turmeric mask

Turmeric includes curcumin in it that can help in the production of melanin. It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory agent that can cure sunburn. When you include tomato juice in this one, it works as an astringent and the lemon juice is a natural bleaching agent.

How to use:
a. Mix all tomato juice, lemon juice and turmeric together. This paste needs to be applied now on the upper lip. Leave the solution for 20 minutes and rinse off later with cold water.
b.You can repeat the process 2 times in a week.

3. Lemon juice and honey

Honey has all the moisturising power and it can repair the damaged skin also. It can control sunburns and also UV rays. Mix it with lemon and see your skin get repaired in no time.

How to use:
a. Mix honey and lemon together and apply it over the upper lip. You need to leave this overnight. Rinse your face later with cold water.
b. Follow this everyday to notice good results.

4. Glycerine for upper lips

Glycerine has hydrating factors that can improve the overall appearance and also the texture of the upper lips.

How to use:
a. Mix glycerin with distilled water. Now, once this solution is ready, gently dab it and blend it all over your upper lips. Rinse it off later with normal water.
b. Follow this twice a week to experience bright upper lips yet again.

5. Carrot juice

Carrot juice includes vitamin A in it and other antioxidants that can repair your skin and also lighten it.

How to use:
a. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and then place the same on the upper lips. Do this with your hands. Now, leave the solution for about half an hour.
b. Do this until you see the dark upper lips get lighter.

6. Potato juice

Potato juice can also do wonders for the dark circles and other pigmentation issues on the skin. Potatoes are filled with Vitamin A, B and C that can help to lighten the spots easily.

How to use:
a. Use a cotton ball and dip it in the solution of potato juice. Now, apply this on the upper lip and you need to leave it overnight to see it work on your skin. Wash it off the next day with cold water.
b. Follow this twice a week.

7. Honey and rose petals

Rose petals are used in many beauty products mostly in lip balms. They are known to have oils and a bit of sugar that can help in curing the discolouration caused and make the skin smoother and softer.

How to use:
a. Crush the petals and make a paste of this one with honey. Now, apply the mixture properly on the upper lips and leave it overnight.
b. Try this method as many times as you can to experience its goodness.

8. Beetroot

Beetroot is another natural colourant that can help reduce the dark upper lips and add lightening properties to it. It also includes bleaching agents that can cure dark spots and reduce pigmentation.

How to use:
a. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and apply it on the upper lips. Do this before you head to bed. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next day in the morning.
b. You can do this method once a week.

9. Orange peel

Orange is another ingredient that you can try out as it is filled with vitamin C and it can lighten the skin tone as well. The lactic acid in it an exfoliate the skin and also repair the damage caused on the upper lips.

How to use:
a. Crush the peels and add them to a blender. Now, add curd to this and make a proper paste. Apply on the affected parts and leave it for some time.
b. Follow this twice a week.

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