Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Having a website presence has become one of the most important things in this digital world. But after creating a website it is important to get quality traffic. Getting organic traffic is one of the most tedious task. So, we have listed out Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic.

10) Responsive Site

In today’s world most of the people are using mobile and tablets. When a visitor see your website on smaller devices and if it not responsive then he might leave your website within few seconds. So, it has become very important that your website must adjust accordingly.

9) Email Marketing

Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Email marketing is still considered as one of the best mediums to generate traffic or inquiries. You need to have a large database of email customers wherein you can send updates. But be sure not to spam them with unnecessary mails.

8) Do Guest Blogging

Yes, guest blogging is still useful to generate high quality traffic. But you need to make sure that while guest blogging select those sites that have good page rank and high quality traffic. Select sites that are related to your niche.

7) Good Hosting

Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Next important thing for getting organic traffic is to buy a good hosting. Buy from a good company wheirn you get unlimited bandwidth and space so that your website does not crash during high traffic.

6) Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the real reasons why some websites are getting hughe traffic. You must select appropriate long tail keywords for getting traffic on that particular post. There are many tools available wherein you can get to know which keywords are popular on net.

5) Catchy Headlines

Headlines are the important element of any post or article. You need to make the headline very much catchy so that the visitor gets attracted to it and keeps on visiting your site. The more you attract the more you get traffic.

4) Original Content

Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Original and High Quality Content can also help you to get high traffic. You need to write plagiarism free high quality content so that google can crawl and help in ranking. It is always said Content is King and yes it is.

3) Generating Backlinks

After website creation and content posting it is very important to generate backlinks.  Backlinks means links pointing from other website to your website. So there are various types of backlinks like do-follow and no-follow. More the backlinks higher will be the ranking.

2) Social Media Advertising

Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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One of the most important factors in getting high traffic is the use of Social Media and Advertising. Social media have more than billions of users so it has become a major platform for promoting website. You can even use paid Advertising methods to increase your website traffic.

1) On Page SEO

Top 10 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

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Search Engine Optimization is the golden rule for increasing your website traffic. Using proper SEO techniques and strategies will help to rank on first page of google. Though it takes lot of time to rank on google but it will definitely help to get more organic traffic in the long run.

These are some of the few important ways  by which you can increase you website traffic. Please let me know if I have missed anything by commenting below.

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